Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

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Assalamualaikum. Good evening my dear beloved few followers. Well, Today is 01/01/2016. Which is we already entered to 2016!!!

Harap2 azam uollzzz untuk tahun 2015 dah tercapai, but if not bring it back to 2016.Makes it become true and if there new azam for this year.Makes sure achieved it too. Well, pesanan tu untuk iolzzz jugak. Sorry Na dearr uolzzzz...i menyepi jap di sini.iolzzzz busy di social media lain, which is insta, facebook and sometimes twitter. lol. And other else, i busy with job seeking, plus melagho sikit and adalah hal2 lain.cita panjang2 sini..penat iolzzz nak menaip. Ni pun i menggagahkan diri ni. Maybe start today post. tomorrow and next day,maybe iolzzz rajin nak update blog after this? or maybe create another blog? or maybe this blog will be as my personal or closed down maybe? haaaa.....banyakk nau maybe nyer. Well lets see how well 2016 gonna be happened and how well maybe will active back as a blogger, and talking about azam. Azam iolzzz tahun ni, 1) Jadi insan yang lebih baik dan berubah ke arah yang lebih baik,for Allah S.W.T for sure and also for my parents and myself 2) Confidently and bravely drive car (iollzzz da dapat balik car iollllzzzz,tapiiii....tapiiii...takpelah tak yah lah story sini.) 3)lose weight and another is 4) start up my first career. (please doakan iolzzz...iolzzz tgh cuba kuatkan keberanian iolzzz and tgh mengigihkan diri untuk boleh drive for finding job,maybe part time job for this year as starting for this. Doakan iolzzzz for this year iolzzz dapat kerja.)

So that's all for today post, i try to coming up with another post on tomorrow, insyaallah. see ya! Assalamualaikum.

p/s, iolzzz da tonton DILWALE as for penutup 2015. iolzzz recommmend uolzzz must watch this movie.Seriously good!! Kajol in this movie totally gorgeous and so so so BEAUTIFUL!! OKAY!Done with p/s. Bye Again & Assalamualaikum!


Zurin Zakarya ^_^


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