Monday, October 19, 2015

New Chance

Posted by Zurin Zakarya at 11:33 PM

Assalamualaikum and Yow to My Luvly & Handsome Follower.
harap-harap semuanya sihat and life goin post just nak sharing you know moment being my mak assistant jaga budak bertuah, my sista kids, sebab sista i kena pi thailand for her works, so yeah just go. Actually, i'm not really want to go, tapi sebab dapat offer letter daripada UiTM Perlis untuk Library Assistant 1st stage job interview. Pegi je la,even kena dok beberapa hari kat peghelis.
okay back to the main topic, moment that i mentioned before, well kids ni at the stage 6 to 9 years old ni perangai diorang agak on and off, kids that yang nak tunjuk dah real feeling, and start nak "buat perangai";i admit i'm quite annoyed actually when they start to grow up especially the eldest one. But you know, when i think back what i've done before to the eldest. i'm not supposedly to do that. budak2 kan. So i start slowly untuk telan n tego with a good way. Not just like before. Okay itu pasal eldest. Yang second ni quite similar, tapi layankan aja lah..n kadang2 tertinggi suara n tangan ni sometimes jahat gak kat dua orang ni. one sebab terbiasa dah sebelum ni n 2nd u know suara iolzz ni agak bising la jugakk..n kuat..hahahaha.. xD Tapi pelan2 la learn perangai budak2 ni, n iolzz pun kenalah berubah jugakk...ngeeee~~

okay itu, dah cerita dah pasal bebudak tu..n now citer pasal iolzz pulak. well today, pagi tadi iolzz pegi interview. well first stage interview for library assistant position at UiTM Perlis. Well, this is my first time attend government sector interview session. Totally mixed feeling after received the offer letter. Interview everything's fine, and you know after i hear quite encourage words dari library staff tu, i feel like i have a new chance. and i feel like why nak rasa nearly give up or dissapointed. Just be patient. Allah surely will help me and myself also kena ada effort untuk berubah dan bagi peluang baru kepada diri sendiri. Library staff just said, just wait for the second interview if i had chance. Well, for now on, doa pada Allah, lebih banyak dekatkan diri dengan yang Maha Esa n berusaha lebih lagi. Insyaallah aku akan dapat second interview tu n terima interview dari company or organization for private sector or government sector. i will do my best to improve. You guys my beloved followers. Doakan iolzzz untuk dapat kerja n balas jasa parents dan adik beradik iolzzz. Hehehe ^^

done with my bebelan for this post. See you for the next post. Annyeong n Assalamualaikum ^^


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