Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Big Girl Don't Cry, Cheer Up!

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Assalamualaikum Uollzzzzz....Uolzzzzzzz ^^

We meet again! ^^ apa kabar? sihatkah? harap sihat2 la ya,semuanya... Aamin~~

today post, seems like not a good post to me, well,actually bukan not a good post tu means, a bad one,just my emotion je kot.

back again to our topic.. /sighs/ well,well,well.. my beloved parents my abah and my mak akan menunaikan umrah from 9/2/2015 till 18/2/2015 insyaallah
pada yang mengenali abah dan mak, please pray for them, pray for their safety pergi dan pulang dengan selamatnya, kiranya kalau mereka ada salah dan silap harap segalanya dapat dimaafkan..dan mohon all my follower and friend here, doakan juga my parents selamat pergi dan selamat balik dan semoga perjalanan umrah my parents dilindungi Allah S.W.T dan selamat.

berbalik pada iolzz,well..masa mula2 mak bagi taw hajat diorang nak pegi umrah tu, i'm quite surprised,and honestly moment nak kata happy dengar my abah n my mak have a chance nak tunaikan umrah tu, xdatang langsung.. me siap persoalkan lagi.. jahat kan iolzzz tapi on that mind totally blank n my feeling totally tak berapa nak lepaskan my abah n my mak going to umrah after they confirmed they will go on date i mentioned above.. malas nak taip balik,huhuhu n honestly..i'm crying..big girl like me that already 25,crying.. non stop every bad myself tak berapa nak lepaskan my mak n my abah pegi umrah, reasons why? lots..actually.. first, my feeling just i rasa something uneasy to let them go, tu for sure..on that time, 2nd is u knoww..lot of case..airplane case, itulah inilah..lagilah makes me worried n third is about my mak, yeah..because even macam mana pun i kadang2 "gaduh2 manja" dengan mak i, there something i say this my mak say that.. i still sayang mak, that's my life, everything i talked lots with my mum, dengan abah when something quite important yeah..i will tell him...but still apa2 my mum akan bagi taw abah mum just like first medium to me untuk nak share something to abah.. luahan perasaan sekejap.tu terjadi kat iolzzz.. and to avoid myself crying front them, when they preparing to go,buying this and that..i'm not going..takut emosi terganggu..front them, iolzz okay,when iolzz ada dalam bilik..i keep crying..totally anak manja,myself.

tapi..tapi..tapi..setelah difikirkan balik, this the chance untuk my mak n my abah pergi tunaikan umrah as a preparation for them untuk haji,, i have to be strong, i decide to myself,that i don't want to cry..not because iolzzz...dah tak rasa cam apa yang iolzz rasa sebelum2 ni..i decide on that after think on that positively, so i decide to stop crying, and even i want to start feel want to cry..i just said to myself keep on praying for their safety, their health n keep smiling and show some interest and support to them, that's why i managed to stop for a, tadi..i'm crying a bit, well..because..i just check the calendar and there a few day left and my mak saying something to my sister tadi, after she calling mak to talk about me..mak suwuh my sis masakkan sphagetti before she going to umrah with abah..i tahan lagi..n tadi waktu maghrib tadi..i dah tak tahan sangat..i nangis know..rasa cam sedih.. n today she keep on advice me.. jaga diri,jaga diri.. of course mak, untuk mak and abah and utk our family..i will take care on myself and always remind mak and abah advice,insyaallah.. but nak tak nak tak i have to be strong to face ten day without mak abah,n for sure i feel bit one will sing kpop sing in english or malay version, no one will nag at me,no one will masak for me for 10 days..i totally feel it already feel it..but i have to be strong n doakan mak n abah selamat pergi n selamat balik ke rumah kita..n i will happily listen to my mak and abah story... and i have to be strong because my age alraedy 25 and for sure one day..i will separate with them, bila dah sampai jodoh nanti..i have to separate with strong zurin, pray the best for them..

ya allah, lindungi abah dan mak sepanjang mereka tunaikan umrah,panjangkanlah umur mereka, lindungi mereka dari sebarang masalah, berikanlah kesihatan yang baik untuk mereka,mudahkan urusan mereka sepanjang menyahut panggilanMu ya Allah sebagai persiapan untuk mereka tunaikan haji kelak, mereka, mak dan abahku adalah nyawaku, aku masih perlukan mereka, perkenankanlah doaku ini.Aamin.

sekian..luahan perasaan anak manja encik zakarya dan puan haliza ini, bye..see you next post ^^

i keep listening to this song, to takes a positive vibe from this lyrics

Hong Jin Young – Cheer Up (산다는 건)

They say life is like that There are a lot of hard and painful days But they say life is good You did well today too

How have you been? Did you have a drink today as well? Even if nothing goes your way Don’t be sad

Who knows which cloud has the rain? In life, good things will come to you

They say life is like that There are a lot of hard and painful days But they say life is good You did well today too

Are you jealous of your neighbor? Is your friend doing well these days? Everyone else looks so happy But don’t be so sad

Everyone has something that they can’t say What’s there to life? It’s all the same

They say life is like that There are a lot of hard and painful days But they say life is good You did well today too

They say life is like that You don’t know what will happen in the world But they say life is great Everyone, have strength even tomorrow

be strong,zurin! cheer up zurin! pray the best for abah n mak zurin!


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