Monday, January 19, 2015

#JungYongHwa's Debut vs #PerseveranceGooHaeRa

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How You Doing, Peeps?

Hoping My Beloved Followers Doing Well & Sihat Sejahtera La Yer...

Since Iolzzz dah buat comeback -Acewahhhh..Comeback Sangat-

iolzzz sekarang tengah counting times waiting & addicting with something new



Well, because firstly iolzzz memang suka acting skills of beautiful & pretty actress #MinHyoRin -She's Natural, Her Nose is Natural-

Secondly, because of #Henry Gege.. He is multi talented celebrity -Friendly, Can play instrument really well, variety-dol, singer & dancer for sure..- 

Third, because of i'm more anticipate and looking forward to #B1A4's Jinyoung acting

Well..maybe sebab Iolzzz dah tengok #MissGranny, so that's why Iolzzz with confidence writing about that

#Jinyoung quite natural in acting compared to #Baro, not that i hating #Baro, but #Jinyoung seems like  comfortable and looks more natural in his expression. dah macam pengkritik drama pulak Iolzz,hahaha..Jangan Marah Yer #BANA

Well..talking bout #B1A4, Iolzzz da bagi Iolzz punya opinion kat twitter, So Iolzzz tak nak cita panjang2..sebab Iolzzz xde kat tempat kejadian n Iolzzz xnak campur.

Back to our topic, that's the reasons i'm anticipate and berminat untuk addict and spazzing with #PerseveranceGooHaeRa  & K-Drama Fans, Don't forget to watch it too! :)

So..that's my first spazzing & second is i'm anticipate & patiently waiting for #JungYongHwa Solo Debut!! Manseee!!!

now tengah addict with #Mileage & quite excited waiting for #OneFineDay MV

Yong Oppa, ada kissing scene with  his "girlfriend" for the MV -and suddenly i imagined something, If  #LeeJonghyun on Yong Oppa place i may be heartbroken now, even that's only for acting...hahaha xD- and i'm excited to see another side of Yong Oppa! ^^

So #Boices around the world, let's waiting for #YongHwa debut & Keep Supporting Him & #CNBLUE

that's all from Me! See You in next post!!

Pai & Assalamualaikum


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