Monday, February 13, 2012

축하합니다!인피니트 "SECOND INVASION" 콘서트

Posted by Zurin Zakarya at 9:11 PM

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This Post Relate To TEASER POST With Key Words 'BERJAYA'
(But Why,BERJAYA?)
알았어요! 알았어요! Let Me Explain..
This Relate To My Favorite Idol Group : 인피니트

It Is Because They're Successful Held(Sorry,Grammatically Error)In 11/02/2012 -12/02/2012 at KOREA.

As 인스피릿
I'm Totally Proud Of Them
They Already Known As SUPERSTAR IDOL..

This All Twitter Messages From 인피니트 to 인스피릿
L : 인스피릿사랑해 정말내꺼하자
(Translation: I love you. Let’s really be mine)
Hoya : 인스피릿 고마워요ㅎ
(Translation: Thank you Inspirits ㅎ)
Sungyeol: 정말 진심으로 행복햇어요♥♥ 여러분들이 있기에 저희가 있어요 알러뷰 뿅뿅뿅♥♥♥♥
(Translation: I was really truly happy ♥♥ We’re here because you guys are here. I love you bbyong bbyong bbyong ♥♥♥♥)

Translation Credit To: hyejin @ infinite updates & INFINITE's member TWITTER.

How Good Of Them,Appreciate Fans..&
That's Why 우리 인피니트 Got More & More 사랑 From 인스피릿.
To 인피니트 : Make Us(인스피릿) Always Proud.
Because : 우리는 항상 사랑하고 인피니트 n Please Don't Make Us SAD n HURT..

♥ N To 인피니트 : 말레이시아 인스피릿 정말로 필요 우리 인피니트 Make Concert in 말레이시아 ♥

Once Again : 축하합니다!인피니트^^!

p/s: like always i said to haters,for those didn't like it..just click [x] in your window..goodbye blogger friends see in another teaser post^^!


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