Saturday, February 11, 2012


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Assalamualaikum, Annyeong, Nihao n Aloha Asia's Inspirit^^!
This Post, I Specially Create for Asia's Inspirit^^!
Well Asia's Inspirit..
Today 11/02/2012 & 12/02/2012 The Important & Meaningful Day To Us..
Because These 2 Dates Are Infinite First Concert : Second Invasion.

Second Invasion Poster

Credit to: fuckyeahinfinite

Ayyyee...Bit Sad n Frust Here..
Hmmmm...Nevermind, I Wish For Those Luckiest Inspirit That Can Go To Second Invasion.
Enjoy The Concert n Make Our Infinite Boys Happy With Inspirit Support^^!
(Wishing,I'm Being There Too...But...!!Yeah..Nevermind^^!)

I'm Proud Of Them..
They're Always Want Inspirit Happy n Make Inspirit Proud..
They're Deserve To Be One Of The Popular Idol Group!!

Last But Not Least,Just Want To Say: Saranghanda Infinite^^!

~Inspirit Always Love Infinite~
p/s : kalau diorang datang Malaysia,saya akan make sure,saya akan ke concert infinite, next post i will update about movie recommendation n surpise post :)
pada yang tidak suka pada post ini,minta maaf ye,n silalah tutup window anda sekarang n pada yang suka terima kasih n jumpa another post^^!Assalamualaikum n BaiBai :)


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