Thursday, September 8, 2011

20 Questions!!

Posted by Zurin Zakarya at 10:23 PM

This Post Are Just Only For Fun..
Pada Yang Tak Suka,SILA JANGAN BACA!!

These Questions, I Got from Answer.Yahoo.Com
This Id Name Send These Question: Ena

Ena Questions:
1. What group got you into Kpop?
2. What is your bias group right now?
3. Has Kpop hindered your life in any way? (like with friends, family, etc..)
4. Whats your favorite Kpop song of all time? what about right now?
5. Do you like Kpop songs from 2008, and back? if not, why?
6. g.o.d. or H.O.T. which do you prefer? if you don't know who these groups are skip it.
7. Do you like Big Bang? Super Junior? DBSK? SS501? U-Kiss? BEAST? MBLAQ? or do you only support girl groups?
8. Wonder Girls, SNSD, Kara, or CSJH The Grace?
9. BoA or Lee Hyori?
10. SE7EN or Rain?
11. TOP, GD, or both?
12. What group do you hate? why?
13. Who's you favorite member of SNSD? (Its impossible to hate all of them)
14. What fan club irritates you the most?
15. In your opinion, what fan club is the calmest?
16. Have you heard of Teen Top or INFINITE? who do you like better?
17. Have you heard of Outsider? do you like his music?
18. What's your favorite song dedicated to fans?
19. What fanclub scares you the most?
20. Name your top 10 biases (or less if you don't have that many, cause I don't)

To Ena..These All My Answer for your Questions *smile*
My Answer:
1)Super Junior,SHINee,U-Kiss,Infinite,Beast,T-ara,Teen Top,FT.Island,Block B,SNSD,2NE1,KARA,CNBLUE(Too Many,Actually..kkkkk^^!)
2)Super Junior,Infinite,MBLAQ
3)Hindered Me? Anniyo!No One Ever Do That To Me..Because They're Know I Just Like Kpop Music for Hobby Only^^!
4)Sorry Sorry (Until Now,I Really2 Like This Song Because This Song Makes Me Fall in Love to Kpop Music)
5)Yeah! I Like Kpop Song from 2008! Songs On That Era..Is Easy Listening Songs
6)H.O.T!! (Because H.O.T Had Handsome Ahjussi "Tony Ahn"kkkk^^!)
7) I Like Super Junior,DBSK,SS501,U-Kiss,MBLAQ & BEAST.Girls Group is SNSD,KARA, T-ARA,2NE1,F(X),Girls Day
12)Rookie Group Like "Brave Girl" "Stellar" "April Kiss" "Rania".Why? Too Young & They're Need To Practice More.
13)Seohyun & Sunny
16) Yeah! Both of These Two Group(Infinite&Teen Top) is My Favorite Group^^! These Two Group,Totally Much Better,Since Their First Debut :)
17)Yeah! I Know Outsider..He's Such A Super Awesome Rapper & His Songs Also Good
19)ELF (Everlasting Friends)
20)Top Ten Bias Is:
1)SJ's Kyuhyun
2)B2ST's Lee Gi Kwang
3)Teen Top's Chunji
4)Infinite's Woohyun
5)SS501's Kim Kyu Jong
6)FT.Island's Jonghun
7)SHINee's Minho
8)CNBLUE's Jonghyun
9)MBLAQ's Cheondung
10)ZE:A's Kevin

That's All from Me! :)
For Those Kpop Fans Want To Try..You Can Do That Too^^!

P/S: For Those Anti/Haters of Us(Kpop Fans) We Don't Need Your Responds..


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