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X-5(X-Five) Profile

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(Pada Yang Tak Suka/Menyampah Sila Jangan Baca)
Gosh,I Think I'm A Bit Late Post X-5 members profile (covering my face)
But What To Do..I Just Realize This New Rookie Group Really Really Had a Good Voice.
(+) All Of Them Really Really Well In Dancing n Singing~~!!

Enough Rite,My Reason? (kkkkkk^^!)

I'm Sure K-Poppers out there
Sudah Sedia Maklum akan mereka ini..
n Maybe Sudah Taw "Sejarah"(What?? Pe Jadahnyerr Sejarah2 Bagai Ni)Sal Group Ni..

This post is just only for sharing2 dengan yg baru sedia maklum sal group ni..
n also for isi2 kelapangan waktu sahaja Sbb I Didn't had any ideas to post in my blog

Ok,Here We Go~~~
X-5 (X-Five)



~ Stage name: Ghun

* Real Name: Son Hyun Seok (손현석)
* Position : Leader,vocal
* Birthday: November 30, 1989
* Height: 183cm
* Blood Type: A
* X-5’s soft and charismatic leader
* Hobby: musical tour
* Specialties: commando martial arts, Aikido, Taekwondo
former member of trot group 3Chongsa
* Leader Ghun put forward his sharp image and emphasized his kindness by revealing that he places the most importance on trust and warmth.
(Ni "BF" aku! Aku dah cop dia awal2 da..kkkkk^^!Joking! :D)


~Stage name: TaeFung (태풍 - Typhoon)

* Real Name: Lee Dong Hyn
* Position : Lead Vocal
* Birthday: April 28, 1991
* Height: 185cm
* Blood Type: AB
* X-5’s ‘moodmaker.’
* Tae Fung is a soccer enthusiast who’s determined to become a new force in the music industry, just like his name (‘Typhoon’). Open World also emphasized his masculinity by adding that he was “all man.”

Hae Won

~ Stage name: HaeWon

* Real Name: Jung Hae Won (정해원)
* Position : Vocal
* Birthday: June 20, 1991
* Height: 186cm
* Blood Type: A
* Hobby: music
* Specialties: lyricist, composer, arrangement, guitar, keyboard, drums
former member of trot group 3Chongsa
* Haewon is responsible for sensibility in X-5, and has therefore has established his own unique world. He likes old pop as well as playing the piano.


~Stage name: Zin (진 - nickname taken from his real name)

* Real Name: Jin Hyun Jin
* Position : Rapper
* Birthday: July 20, 1993
* Height: 189cm
* Blood Type: A
* Specialities: Tallest of X-5
* Has maturity that is not expected from his age group.
* Pursuing the life of X-5 quickly as a chic member.
* Zin’s profile revealed that he was just as tall as the group’s maknae, standing at a height of 189 cm. He’s only 17 years old, but he reportedly carries an air of maturity that stands out from his peers.

SulHu (설후)

~Stage name: SulHu (설후 - last snowfall)

* Real Name: Kim Jin Wan
* Position : Maknae , rapper
* Birthday: September 7, 1995
* Height: 188cm
* Blood Type: AB
* Innocent Maknae, his biggest worry is his growing height,
thinks sincerely that to not be nervous on stage, there's nothing but practice,
former member of Xing Generation 5.

That All from Me
Nak MV Link?
Carik Sendiri~~~~!!

~~~~~SEKIAN,THE END~~~~~


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