Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ohhh Jaehyo

Posted by Zurin Zakarya at 8:26 PM

Ottoke?!What Should I Do?!Fall in love with other new idol rookie groups >_<..
Block B yawyyyyy!

my favorite members Jaehyo!!
reasons is:
Same Age With Me! Handsome! Cute! Had Amazing Voice! Super Talented Dancer!
(i think all the reasons,very2 bad!)kkkkk^^
i don't mind if you already had gf or not
because it will not affect my life..
i just only like,like n like your face,your style n your performance on stage.. :D
oh my Jaehyo!
you make me like a crazy stalker,when you tweet your photo..kkkk^^

Credit to ; Jaehyo Twitter & Other Owners of the photo//
Cuteness Overload!!!
oh Jaehyo,neon Saranghanda!! <3 <3

p/s : pada anti k-pop sila jangan baca klu anda rasa menda ni annoying!this post i'm not pointed or mentioned to anyone! it's just only for fun! Understand!?


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