Friday, July 1, 2011

Setlist Performances-Music Bank KBS World's 8th bday special!!!!

Posted by Zurin Zakarya at 11:01 AM

Annyeong Yeorobun!
Ok!Ok! K-Poppers Out There
Hari Ni!Korang Wajib Kena Tengok Music Bank!
Sbb Hari Ni Adalah :Music Bank KBS World's 8th bday special!!!!
Kalau Tengok Setlist Performances..
Memang The Best n Super Awesome Lahhhh!
Ni Antara2 Yang Bakal Perform..:

Here The Performances Setlist:
Diary - Navi
Close that lip - 8eight

(Comeback Stage)
LaLaLa (ft. Soya) - Mighty Mouth(Comeback Stage)
Roly Poly - T-ARA (Comeback Stage)
Sweet Dream - Rainbow (Comeback Stage)

How Dare you - Sistar
Starlight Moonlight - Secret

(Special Stage)
Shy Boy - Sistar
Ma Boy - Secret

(Special Stage)
BTD (Ft. G.NA) - Infinite
Black&White (ft. Infinite) - G.NA

Good Day - IU

(Special Stage)
Don't know - APINK&Boyfriend
Dance Break - APINK&Boyfriend
Boyfriend - APINK&Boyfriend

Intuition - CNBLUE

(Special Stage)
Countrified and Immature - Wheesung
My Heart is Beating - Kim Taewoo
Heartsore Story - K.Will
Resonate - Eru
Friday Night - Eru, K.Will, Kim Taewoo, Wheesung

Break Down - Kim Hyunjoong

(Special Stage)
Mirror Mirror - F(X)
Pinocchio - 4MINUTE
Hot Summer - F(X)

Heart to Heart - 4Minute
Hands Up - 2PM
Why?Keep Your Head Down - TVXQ

(credit to :KBS World Fan Page)

Excited Tengok Exchange2 Performances?
Ha..Pe Lagi?
Pada Yang Berkesempatan Nak Tengok Hari Ni..
Jangan Lupa Tonton!
Rugi Bebenor Weyh Kalau Tak Tengok..
Tapi Pada Yang Tak Berkesempatan..
Takpe Ulangan Ada..Don't Worry^^
Ha,n pada yang antar Cheering Message kat KBS World 4 The Anniversary..
Jangan Lupa Tengok,Maybe Your Message akan Keluar..^^
Jangan Lupa Yerrr^^
~~~~~~~~~~~~SEKIAN,THE END~~~~~~~~~~~~


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