Monday, June 13, 2011

My Intuition

Posted by Unknown at 11:59 AM

I Get A Feeling That You'll Leave Me
You Keep Giving Me All These Excuses
Your Cold "Bye Bye" That Felt Different From Before
I Cannot Let You Go
You Told Me,You Love Me
But Now,Why You Say Goodbye
I Cannot Let You Go Like This
Don't Try To Leave Me With Only An Excuses
Please Don't Go
Can You Look Back At Me Just Once?
I Don't Like Sad "Goodbye"
Please Comeback To Me,Because I Love You..
Long Time Will Erase You Away
But Each Day Will Be A Torture For Me
I Get A Feeling That You & I Are Over
You Keep Complaining This & That
A Cold "Bye Bye" After Waiting For The Chance
I Cannot Let You Go
This Trashy Love Is Hurting Me More And More
Your Lips Want To Say Goodbye
Your Eyes Keep Trying To Avoid Me
I Already Know Through My Intuition
Don't Say "Goodbye"
Don't Say "Bye Bye"
Don't Go
Don't Leave Love & Do This To Me
Don't Avoid My Eyes
Why Are You Trying To Get Farther Away From Me?
I Don't Like The That Kind Of Look
I'm Pleading Like This With Tears
Don't Break My Heart
Don't Leave Me
Everyday Will Be A Nightmare...

-xde kaitan dengan sesapa,this post hanya untuk hilangkan "borink" sahaja..-


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