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LEDApple Profile & MV

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Annyeong Yeorobun!
ok,i nak introduce new Korean rock band
want to see them:

(SEE!Banyak Yang "Nod"..tu..)haha^^
Yeahhh Totally!!
Memang Handsome!!
Sebab tu la nak promote tu!!
I Don't Mind La If Haters Kata Copy Cat CNBLUE ke FT.ISLAND ke
Janji Diorang Ada Own Talent Diorang
I Did'nt See CNBLUE or FT.Island Elements pown kat dua lagu debut diorang..

I Think This Band
Sangat2 Talented
Kalau Korang Rajin2 Stalk Diorang Kat Youtube
Diorang Ada Cover Song SNSD "Run Devil Run"..
I Think That Video Before Diorang Debut KOwtt
Nak Link??Nak Link??
(Hmmmm...Let Me Think,Yeahhhh?!)

Tapi Before Nak Share Link2 Jadah Tu Semua
I Want To Share A Bit Biography Bout This Band
(Tetiba Lak An,Aku Rajin Nak Buat Menda2 Camnie...)^^


Name: JaeHoon (Choi JaeHoon)
Birthdate: November 22nd, 1989
Age: 23
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 56 kg
Bloodtype: B
Birthplace: Incheon
Education: Inha Technical College
Respected Musician: Kim Gun Mo
Specialties: Singing, designing

The leader of LEDApple, JaeHoon has a deep voice unlike any other. He has the ability to deliver the exact emotions he wants and is already well on his way to becoming one of the greatest singer-songwriters of this generation. In order to achieve that goal, this passionate member is studying composition, writing, and producing every single day.


Name: KyuMin (Lee KyuMin)
Birthdate: August 10th, 1993
Age: 19
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Bloodtype: O
Birthpalce: Seoul
Education: Kyungshin High School
Respected Musician: Naul
Specialties: Piano, soccer
Part: Sub-vocalist, rap

Although he likes singing and writing, KyuMin enjoys music for what it is and is always writing up lyrics and melodies to show his members. He’s one of LED Apple’s newest additions alongside Jaehoon, and is noted for having a voice that both supports and stands on its own. Unlike his looks, he has an endearing, outgoing personality and is considered the ‘atmosphere maker’ of the group.


Name: Youngjun (Seo Youngjun)
Birthdate: May 11th, 1990
Age: 22
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Bloodtype: B
Birthplace: Seoul
Education: Chugye University for the Arts
Respected Musician: Jimi Hendrix
Specialties: Playing by himself (thinking), basketball
Part: Guitar

Youngjun is one of the original members and began pursuing music at a young age. He’s considered one of the core members of the group thanks to his impressive guitar skills and also holds the largest international fanbase. There’s no rest for this member, as he never lets his guitar leave his hands. It’s that passion and effort, however, that has made him who he is today.


Name: KwangYeon (Kim KwangYeon)
Birthdate: June 12th, 1993
Age: 19
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Bloodtype: A
Birthplace: Paju, Kyungki
Education: Kwangtan High School
Respected Musician: Marcus Miller
Specialties: Sports (basketball, soccer)
Part: Bass

KwangYeon has experience starring in senior labelmate Kim Jong Seo’s music video for “High” at just 17 years old. He’s had his talent recognized by senior artists, and although he’s the ‘cute maknae’ in LED Apple, he’s acknowledged as a true musician the minute he’s on stage performing. His passion as a bassist is unlike any other, and he spends most of his time rehearsing to hone his skills.


Name: HyoSeok (Kim HyoSeok)
Birthdate: April 27th, 1993
Age: 19
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Bloodtype: AB
Birthplace: Seoul
Education: School of Performing Arts Seoul
Respected Musician: Steven Smith
Specialties: Sports (pool, golf)
Part: Drums

HyoSeok majored in drums in high school and dreams of becoming the greatest drummer of his generation. Because he has talent in also singing and dancing, he’s working to improve his musical talents in all areas.

Gambar Bawah Ni Lak : Former Members Band Ni

All The Pictures & Biography credit to Allkpop& T.A.B

Nak Link MV?
(Hmmphhhh~~yelah,amik la....~~)

1) "Dash" MV (Eng Subs)
(debut song tahun 2010)

2)"How Dare You" MV (Eng Subs)
(comeback stage with new members tahun 2011)

3)SNSD "Run Devil Run" Cover Song

~~Credit For The Owner Of This 3 Video's~~

So K-Poppers & Korean Music Lovers Keep on Supporting This Band
This Band also will success like FT.Island or CNBLUE..
That's All From Me
~~The End~~


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