Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fcuz LeeU message..

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to all Fcuz fans out there mesti da taw an sal LeeU dari group Fcuz..
(so sad! LeeU is my favorite members lam Fcuz...)
(why all my favorite sudah kuar dari group diorang..)
(aritue U-Kiss Alexander dgn KiBum...,now LeeU lak...Haihhhhh....)
(tapi xpelah..nak uat camne,biar je la..xde affect kat life aku pown..HAHAHA..XD)
baru2 ni pemilik empunya nama LeeU tinggalkan message dia untuk fans2 di twitter..
kowang bacalah ea..

“As you’ve all read in the news reports, my F.CUZ members and I belonged to different agencies during our activities. However, as time went on, the paths that the agencies wanted to take, even down to music choice, became different so they had to go their separate ways. It was a very difficult time before this decision. Not being able to sleep was a given, it was so bad that I cried everyday seeing clips of our performances. No one can say it was easy for the two companies to come to this decision.

During the past 2 trainee years and 1 year after debut, the members were like family – we all cried and depended on one another during rough times, and my heart is breaking because we can’t keep the promise that we’d stick by each other until the end. Though things have turned out like this, we plan to keep the promise that we’ll still look after each other… In my head, I’m still the jokester and second biggest brother of F.CUZ; I’m F.CUZ’s main vocal LeeU, and I will forever be those things in my heart while remembering the happy times.

Until all four us are smiling together, until the day the four of us release an album as F.CUZ, please look at us kindly and not harshly, and I ask that you support us all. Thank you.”

xpelah LeeU
all Fcuz fans understand about it..
don't worry (bajet cam dia baca je an..blog aku ni..HAHAHA XD)
ala,xheran gak klu dia kuar pown..
sbb pada aku la..
dia akan lebey popular klu dia bergerak secara solo..
so..do not to worried again my huband LeeU sshi..
because your wife at here,always support u..
(bwahahaha..syok sendiri la,ko an..zuryn!!idak la dia kenal pown ko zuryn ooi..)

this post utk kpop fans yang berminat nak baca sahaja..
pada yang tak berminat,xyah la nak perli2 or ngata2..
this post bukan untuk korang pown...~~~~~~
i'm sorry okay! *bows*

credit to allkpop


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