Friday, May 20, 2011

20/5/2011 Music Bank Set List Performances

Posted by Zurin Zakarya at 12:08 PM

Today Music Bank! Must Watch..
Tapi Agak Sedih La..
Sbb My Beloved CNBLUE make a goodbye stage..
hmphh...... :(
tapi xpelah..atleast de penggantinyer!
So,Here The Set List Of Performance..
Rugi Bebenor As Kpop Fans Tak Tengok!
[20110520 Music Bank]
Beast - Fiction
Jewelry - Pass
Baek Jiyoung - Average
CNBLUE - Don't Say Goodbye
Infinite - Can U Smile
Norajo - Pojangmacha
Spinel - Chu Chu
X-5 - Don't put on a show
Rania - Dr Feel Good
5Dolls - This and That
Untouchable - YOU YOU
December - Beauty
Turtle - main character
Lim Junghee - Golden Lady
SISTAR19 - Ma Boy
U-Kiss - 0330
Heo Youngsaeng - Let It Go
f(x) -Pinocchio(Danger)
Today's Comeback : Infinite,Jewelry & Baek Ji Young


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