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(K- line interview) with zea (Januari 2011)

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fully credit to : allkpop & dailykpop
Question: If you do not need to work for 24 hours, what do you wish to do?
Junyoung: I really want to rest! I feel like returning back to my parents' home and sleep till I wake up naturally. Also, I wish to spend a day with my relatives.
Kevin: Return to Australia and meet up with those closer ones. I've the feeling of wanting to travel to somewhere unfamiliar and enjoy the happy moment of it as well as enjoy the local delicacies from the country.

Question: Please introduce 3 items that you must have in your bag. Why?
Siwan: Among us, the one with the heaviest bag is me! I have a lot of things that needs to be carried around so I must bring a big bag. The members laughed at me for having a bag like the stylist noonas but having to choose only 3 items is simply too difficult. Most of the time, my bag consists of books, ipod, mirror, perfume, make up pouch, UV cream and a hair curler. These are the necessary items in my bag.

Question: 14 February is Valentine's Day. Please share with us the most romantic thing you've done, or the most memorable date you've experienced. If the members have girlfriends now, please share with us what you plan to do during Valentine's Day.
Hyungshik: Before, although I do not have any romantic date experience but if there is a chance in the future, I would like to go to a restaurant to have dinner, have tea at a coffeehouse and enjoy the moment. Lastly, it will be good if we could chat.
Kwanghee: I've been to a theme park before but that was sometime back. Sometimes, because of performances, we head to the theme park. While performing on stage, we see those rides but knowing that we are unable to ride them, it's a pity. If I date inside a theme park, I should be very happy! If I am unable to head to the theme park, watching a concert would be a happy and interesting date too!

Question: Among ZE:A, who's the ideal guy for ladies?
Junyoung: I think it's Kevin! Definitely not me! Apart from Kevin, other members aren't that bad either. Because they are friendly and well-mannered, many girls will like them.
Kevin: Should be the tall and handsome Hyungshik and Dongjun! In any case, if you are lovers, the appearance doesn't matter anymore. I believe Hyungshik, who possesses talent and charm is the ideal person for girls to get closer to with.

Question: May I ask ZE:A, who has no experience in celebrating Valentine's Day?
Dongjun: If there is a girl you can introduce to us, it's a good thing. Our members do not have any weak points. We have members that are good-looking and kind-hearted so there should be a lot of girls that will like us. If there is only a date during this Valentine's Day, it would be good enough.

Question: If you have a girlfriend, what gift do you wish to give her? And what gift do you wish to receive from her?
Kwanghee: The gift I would like to give and receive is my (and her) 100% heart. In 2011, please continue to give Kwanghee more love ^^
Siwan: If we could go shopping together and pick clothes for one another, seems good as well!

fully credit & Link to : K-Line Interview With ZE:A 2011 January Issue


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