Friday, February 25, 2011

Today Music Bank (25/02/2011) Performers List

Posted by Zurin Zakarya at 11:33 AM

Today Music Bank List Of Performances..
Tapi Aku Just Highlight Yang The Best Je La..

110225 Music Bank Performances
Music Bank Hot Stage:
- Dong Bang Shin Ki 〔Maximum〕
- MBLAQ 〔Again 〕
- Infinite 〔BTD (Dance Break MIX)〕
Only Music Bank! Surprise Joint Stage:
- Secret & Infinite 〔Shy Boy〕
Today’s Music Bank:
- Dalmatian [The Man Opposed]
- Lee Hyun (8eight) [You Are The Best of My Life]
- Kan MiYoun [Paparazzi]
- Kahi (After School) [Come Back You Bad Person]
- IU [The Story Only I Didn’t Know]
- G.NA [Black & White]

So To IU Fans,G.NA Fans.MBLAQ,Infinite,DBSK,n Fans2 Bagi Idol2 di atas ni..
Janganlah Terlepas Nonton..
Rugi Besar La..
Kalau korang Terlupa Ke..Termiss Tak Tengok Music Bank Hari Ni..


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