Friday, January 14, 2011

Ma Boo~~~

Posted by Zurin Zakarya at 11:05 AM

Hope One Day He Can Accepting Me...
n Hope One Day I Can Meet Him..
~~Ma Boo~~
How Can Love Change?Is It That Easy?
What Can I Do Own My Own?
Oh Baby Don't Leave Me Now~~
Just How Many Times Must I Be Hurt In Love
Should I Wipe My Tears In Front Of The Obvious Breakup?
For How Much Longer Must I Wonder Inside The Memories?
Will I Be Able To Smile Even If I See You?
And I Breathless,today i'm locked up in you again
Again I'm Used To You Like Yesterday,Like A Dream I Dreamt
Ma Boo,I'm Withering Away Again
A Day, I can't Endure It Break Down
Your One Phrase "Are You Okay?", Your Message Asking If I've Eaten
Those very very little gestures make the breakup more painful
I'm Fooled Again By The Lie That You Love Me
I'm Melt Like An Idiot In Your Sweet Lips
I Like You So Much, I Dump My Pride
I'm An Orphan Stranded Alone In The Island Of Pain
Even If I Sing,I Can't Enjoy
For Some Reason I'm Not At Ease At The Road In Front Of My House
Even If I Meet My Friends I Don't Smile
There Are Still Many Things I Couldn't Say
Now Who Blame Who?If I Live Or Die Even If I Love, It's All The Same
Everything Will Be Forgotten Like The Common Breakup Songs
I'm Here, I'm In Pain, I Have Nothing But You
Even If I Pretend It Ain't Like That,That I'm More Strong..It's Only You
How Can My Heart Be Like This? How Can It Hurt Like This?
Don't Abandon Me
Don't Leave Me

~~What Should I Do?
Must I Forget Him And Erase My Memory About Him..
I'm Confuse... >_<~~


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